An early image showcasing the team’s first shop setup in their kitchen.

The Birth of Passion

Our journey started with a simple passion: crafting a high-performance gaming PC from scratch. We were enthusiasts, a band of brothers, brimming with creativity in our humble kitchen surrounded by computer parts, dreams, and an unwavering belief in our ability to discover the best components and hope that they align with Microcenter's offerings.

A photo capturing the essence of the early workspace - the transformation from a kitchen to a professional PC building service.

Leveling Up: From Hobby to Profession

Our home-brewed gaming PCs quickly caught the attention of friends and family and the local second-hand community. With every custom PC assembly service we performed, our reputation grew. What was once a kitchen hobby evolved into a boutique PC builder company... ln an awesome... and very cramped living room shop.

The Core Team: Brothers in Arms

At the heart of Critical Error Computing is a tight-knit family ready to face any challenge. Our core team, composed of me, my brother, and our invaluable third partner, represents the backbone of our custom PC building service. We aren't just a custom PC building company; we're a family.

Image showcasing the Warp Core PC that earned public recognition across the web.

Pushing Boundaries: Building the Unthinkable

Each rig we crafted was unique, pushing the boundaries of design and performance. As custom gaming PC builders, we strive to make the impossible possible.

A shot of the modern workspace, depicting the advancement from a simple custom PC building service to a high-end gaming PC company.

Our Space: Crafting in Our Sanctum

Our journey from a modest kitchen to our first official workspace to a full private shop has been incredible. Equipped with 3D printers, software design stations, recording setup and a photography studio, our sanctum echoes the sound of the next prebuilt gaming PC coming to life.

Stepping into the Future

We continue to raise the bar, combining aesthetics and performance in each high-quality gaming PC we build, fueled by the vision and experience of our founding team.

Our journey is far from over. At Critical Error Computing, you're not just buying a gaming PC, you're joining a family of passionate, dedicated individuals who don't just build PCs – they create art. Let's craft your masterpiece together!