Nathan Paul


Creating balance through contrast.

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As an entrepreneur for over a decade and a father of two, I consider myself a seeker and meticulous strategist. Through years of training, I've realized that crafting an exceptional product—like the exquisite functional computing art I specialize in—demands more than mere assembly of off-the-shelf components. I've delved into diverse disciplines, learning and now overseeing design, construction, plumbing, electrical engineering, HVAC, painting, 3D design, additive and subtractive manufacturing, woodworking, accounting, marketing, photography, videography, brand negotiations, and more. Creating a CEC computer is a holistic endeavor, demanding a multidisciplinary approach to every challenge for a comprehensive solution. Working alongside the talented team at CEC fills me with pride, and I feel privileged to contribute to the creation of such beautiful masterpieces renowned the world over.