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Totally Tubular

Totally Tubular

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A high-end custom PC built by CEC that is the epitome of our skills in rig restoration and upgrades. This time, we focused on implementing our new custom cable management system, with corrugated tubing and custom-designed and printed corrugated tube clips. The case is an Antec Torque modded with Pearl and Pink Luminous Paint, and it features an Optimus GPU block, 12 Thermaltake Pacific RGB Plus TT Premium Edition Illuminated Fittings, and a Custom designed and printed 8.8in Sensor Panel Display.

::: Case and Modifications List :::

~ Case: Antec Torque (Modded)

~ Case Mods: Pearl and Pink Luminous Paint

~ Cables: 5 x CEC Custom Triple 5/8” White Corrugated Combs

~ Cables: Corrugated Tubing

~ RGB: 2 x Thermaltake RGB Controller (Pro Quad Version)

~ RGB: 1 x Thermaltake RGB Controller (Standard Version)

~ RGB: 12 x Thermaltake Pacific RGB Plus TT Premium Edition Illuminated Fittings

~ Misc: 12 x Anodized Aluminum Thumbscrews - Light Blue

~ Misc: 8.8in Sensor Panel Display with Custom CEC Designed and 3D printed housing.

~ Misc: SoundBlaster AE-7 + Dac

::: Performance Parts List :::

~ CPU: Intel i9 11900K 8C/16T

~ Motherboard: ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Hero Z590 (Wi-Fi)

~ GPU: EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra

~ RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB (2x16), 3200mhz, CL16

~ Power Supply: ASUS THOR 1200W 80+ Platinum

~ Boot Storage: Samsung 980 Pro 1TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe

~ Additional Storage: Samsung 980 Pro 500GB PCIe 4.0 NVMe

::: Water-Cooling Parts List :::

~ CPU Waterblock: Thermaltake Pacific W7 Plus LGA 1200 W/Temp Sensor

~ GPU Waterblock: Optimus Absolute FTW3 Ultra

~ Pump/Distro: Bykski Distro Plate REV-Antec-TE-P

~ Radiators: EK-Quantum Surface S360 - White

~ Tubing: Thermaltake V-Tuber PETG 16mm

~ Coolant: Mayhems X1 Clear Premix

~ Fans: 6 x Thermaltake Riing Quad 120mm

~ Fittings: 12 x Thermaltake Pacific RGB Plus TT Premium Edition

~ Fittings: 4 x Thermaltake Pacific DIY LCS G1/4 90 Degree Adapter

~ Fittings: 2 x Thermaltake Pacific Silver G1/4 Stop Plug Fitting

~ Fittings: 2 x Bitspower G1/4 Matte Black Dual Rotary Angle G1/4" Extender

~ Fittings: 1 x Bitspower G1/4" Matte Black G1/4" Extender - 30mm

~ Fittings: 1 x Bitspower G1/4" Matte Black G1/4" Extender - 15mm

~ Fittings: 1 x Bitspower Deluxe White Mini Valve Rotary G1/4" With Black Handle

~ Fittings: 2 x Barrow G1/4" Male to Female Extender Fitting, 20mm, White

~ Fittings: 1 x Barrow G1/4" Male to Female Extender Fitting, 40mm, White

Build Story and Information:

The PC was originally in a state of disarray with an incomplete water loop, messy cables that were not properly plugged in, and other miscellaneous issues. However, with careful attention and upgrades, the PC has been transformed into a high-performance, aesthetically pleasing machine.

::: Performance Choices :::

The PC came with an air-cooled RTX 3070 GPU and a Thermaltake CPU-only water loop. The CPU, motherboard, RAM, storage, power supply, fans, and existing water loop components were kept while the GPU was upgraded to an EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra and added to the loop with custom bent tubing. An 8.8-inch sensor panel display was also added and housed in a custom-printed housing. The rest of the build was left as it was as the choices made were deemed decent quality.

>>> Performance Numbers <<<

The PC has strong performance and does not require pushing past the auto-overclocks to run at impressive numbers. The overclocking was done using MSI Afterburner Curve Editor (GPU) +200mhz Memory Clock and a full Curve upgrade on the Core Clock, AISuite Auto (CPU) upped the CPU Clock speed to an all core boost of 51%, and ASUS on the RAM to match its 3200 MHz, CL16 rated speed. The CPU Idles at 50C while the GPU Idles at 30C, Idle power draw is approximately 200W.

Note: This is a single radiator loop with both the CPU and GPU attached.

Overclocking used: MSI Afterburner Curve Editor (GPU), AISuite Auto (CPU) and ASUS D.O.C.P. on the RAM to match its 3200mhz, CL16 rated speed.

  • OS: Windows 11 Pro
    • NVIDIA Driver: 528.49
  • Cinebench R23
    • 3 x Single Pass Average: 13550
    • 10min: 13299
  • 3DMark Speedway - 3 Score Average
    • GPU Score: 4755
  • 3DMark TimeSpy - 3 Score Average:
    • System Power Draw: 660W
    • CPU Score: 13249
    • CPU Package Max Temp: 86C
    • GPU Score: 18435
    • GPU Max Temp: 53C
  • AIDA64 EXTREME(6.75.6100) 30min Full System Torture Test
    • Ambient Room Temp: 22.22C
    • MAX Power Draw at the Wall: 710W
    • AVERAGE Power Draw at the Wall: 690W
    • CPU Package Max Temp: 100C - System did thermal throttle several cores on and off for a split second here and there. It did continue boosting at and over 4.6GHz while the cores all generally stayed around 85C and the package around 90C which is decent for a single 30mmX360mm radiator loop (including both CPU and GPU) of this power design over this duration. 
      • CPU Socket Temp: 80C
      • CPU Average Frequency: 4.6Ghz
    • GPU Max Temp: 53C
      • GPU Average Frequency: 1.95Ghz
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